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in the heart of Bergamo, since 1850 Balzer has been representing a renowned meeting point for the town of the Venetian walls.
The historic pastry shop, since 1936 under the elegant arcade of the so called Sentierone, overlooks the wide boulevard which was opened in 1762 and still represents a landmark for both citizens and tourists.
Balzer is an ageless place, suitable for every period and appreciated by every generation, where each one will discover a welcoming ambience and taste typical products of the confectionery tradition.
Over time Balzer has preserved ancient traditional recipes, and nowadays they are still realized as carefully as in the past, with precision, competence and particular attention to both selection and processing of ingredients.
“Meeting again in Balzer” to have a coffee or a cocktail, to lunch or simply to buy a dessert on Sunday: anyway it is an appointment not to be missed, even if you are just passing through Bergamo.

Coffee is healthy for people who love it

From early morning we take our homemade brioches out of the oven, which are as carefully prepared as our kranz, our soft sweet “veneziana” buns and our delicious sweet dumplings.

A dessert to sweeten your taste… and your day

Here you can taste traditional sweets prepared according to their original recipe, such as the Donizetti cake, Polenta e Osei, our traditional petit fours, baked cakes, pralines and many more.

Passion and care for the ingredients: our secret

Ideal for lunch breaks in an elegant exclusive place overlooking the town centre. The brunch during the weekend represents a cheerful landmark for both friends and families.

Spring is coming, feeling for ice-cream!

From the 11th April, appointment under our arcade: new flavours dedicated to real connoisseurs. Taste our ice-cream: it's prepared with the same passion and love as in the past.

Your day at Balzer's

Balzer accompanies you during the whole day, from breakfast to the evening drink.

  • For a special toast, every day of the week
  • Cakes, biscuits and mignon pastry for a tasty afternoon break
  • An enjoyable break to taste a coffee and a pastry
  • An aperitif before lunch, with an alcoholich or soft drink
  • Every day three first and three second courses, as well
  • Fresh brioches, small kranzes, veneziana buns and delicious sweet dumplings

We can grant your sweetest wishes

Balzer has devoted its historical first floor to a room conceived to host your special events: business lunches, team works, birthday and graduation parties, holy communions and confirmations, family anniversaries.

Choose the cake you prefer easily from your pc, submit your request and come to take it directly in Balzer. Free your fantasy and customise your cake, we will care for all the rest!

We wish you a sweet wedding.
From the wedding cake to the sugared almonds: we will make your wedding a delicious refined event. Come to visit our laboratory and pastry shop.

Contact us

Do you have any question? Do you want to make a reservation for your lunch break? Do you want to celebrate an event here in Balzer? Do you want to order a cake or some pastries for your special moments? We can grant your wishes, so as to make your special events even sweeter. Fill in the form and we will contact you, otherwise come to see us in our workshop.

Balzer at home

Would you like to order our sweet or savoury pastry and then come to take it? Fill in the form and we will contact you, so as to grant your wishes.

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