Event Reservations

Celebrate your special occasion with Balzer!

Balzer Sentierone and Balzer Stadium are perfect locations for private events, whether to celebrate business lunches and dinners, birthday parties, or graduations!

• Personalized Menu
• Dj set
• Cocktail Station
• Heated Outdoor Patio

These are just some of the innumerable services Balzer offers for private events.
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For your private events in Bergamo

Why should you choose Balzer and Balzer Stadium for your private event?

Two private event locations

Balzer and Balzer Stadium are simply unique locales!

The historic bistro is situated in the heart of Bergamo Bassa, along the Sentierone, and offers a location that combines an elegant atmosphere with a modern environment. 

Balzer Stadium, instead, is located at Gewiss Stadium, the center of Bergamo sport as well as the headquarters of Atalanta soccer games.

Bistro, cocktail bar, café, pastry shop: our locations are perfect to host any type of event!

Two ideal locations to celebrate graduations, birthdays, or to carry out business meetings. 

Celebrate with us!

Furthermore, it’s possible to reserve both the indoors and outdoor patio.

Cuisine, pastries, and cocktails

Balzer and Balzer Stadium’s offerings are born from original recipes, where tradition marries innovative ideas of our chefs, to create unique flavors to satisfy all of your event guests.

A one-of-a-kind event

Make your private event in Bergamo unique: collaborating with us, you can organize a completely personalized event, from the menu to the decorations to the music.