Aperitif in Bergamo: Balzer mixology modernizes traditional Italian drinks


Spending the evening with a group of friends along the Sentierone is an unforgettable experience in Bergamo and the historic locale, Balzer, encompasses all the energy and vibrancy of our city.

With such a magnetic atmosphere, the cocktails make the mood even more exclusive: from classic drinks to new offerings, the Balzer List brings aperitif in Bergamo to another level.

Balzer List, signed off by our bartenders Gino Gautiero and Sebastiano Buttarelli, is the star of aperitif; a collection of original and unique cocktails that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

The master of Balzer mixology, Gino Gautiero explains how their creations were born: “The Balzer List is based on an idea of innovated elegance; I use innovative techniques in the construction of popular drinks made with air, molecular elements, infusions, bitters, etc. Our cocktails, therefore, are rigorously homemade.”

Aperitif at Balzer doesn’t stop at the ambience and unique drinks. Our bartenders like to amaze our clients! For instance? The making of cocktails becomes a show with Gino Gautiero, thanks to flame tricks that make colors and flavors even more special. “I use innovative techniques creating a drink with three layers, with the center layer staying transparent, and I finish with the air of fresh raspberries…it seems like painting a picture.”

The other half of the drink duo, Sebastiano Buttarelli, says “At Balzer we are always looking to create cocktails more elaborate, adding our creations, twists, and much more to the list.”

And for those who don’t know which drink to choose for their evening, he suggests trying Smells like icetea, “it’s our alternative to the classic Long Island.”

Beyond this new list of proposals, Gino and Sebastiano specialize in Nuances of Negroni: the traditional Italian drink made unique by Balzer in a variety of ways. According to Sebastiano, Negroni-lovers must try Oriental Negroni, another reinvented classic.

Spritz, Martini and a lot of innovation: Balzer mixology makes aperitif in Bergamo even more special.

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