The new Balzer formula: The Drinner


At Balzer, we are always looking for new ideas to offer our guests for a perfect evening in the city center.

The Drinner is a new formula born to have our best drinks meet extravagant culinary offerings. Choose one of the cocktails on our drink lists and pair it with appetizing, fresh, and trendy dishes, like our unique Avocado Toast.

The secret ingredient that completes the experience? A bit of sweetness! Choose between two mignons from our bakery or a cup of our artisan gelato to cool off.

Available from 6pm to 9 pm at 17 euros per person, the new menu is formulated to guarantee you a tasty evening enriched by the good vibes that you can only find at Balzer.

Discover the new menu and drinks. We’ll see you at drinner!

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The new Balzer formula: The Drinner

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