Easter with the unique taste of Balzer!


Easter is one of the most loved traditions by Italians and Balzer proposes its sweet creations able to mix quality ingredients with artisanal creativity.

If you are searching for a tasty and original idea, choose our chocolate egg, beautiful to look at and even better to eat with the good company of family and friends!

Trust the professionalism and competency of our Pastry Chefs and personalize your egg with the inscriptions that you prefer: each creation comes accurately hand painted to make it a unique delicacy of inimitable taste!

But the recommendations don’t stop here: beyond our chocolate eggs, you can also choose our Easter Colomba, a cake in the shape of a dove, an extraordinary artisan creation to put at the center of your table!

Our specialties come in 4 varieties with different fillings, from the more traditional to the more peculiar: classic, wild strawberries and dark chocolate, coffee and chocolate, and black cherry and white chocolate. Choose the tastes you like and surprise your loved ones!

Our creations are made with fresh, first-choice ingredients, to always guarantee maximum quality and satisfy even the most refined palates.

Reserve yours by April 11th, 2022:

035 086 8549


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