According to EU legislation, all website managers must inform users if, when and which cookies are to be used, and to obtain the consent of the users for the use of said cookies.

The present information is made to be read attentively to know which cookies we use and which information we collect in the context of our websites. The information present on cookies provides in summary an overview of how Balzer uses cookies on its own websites.

Consent to the use of cookies

If one visits the Balzer website, and if the settings of their browser allows for the licensed use of cookies and if one proceeds to use the website, this is interpreted by us as consent to the use of cookies on Balzer’s part, this is how the present information describes the use of cookies by Balzer.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small evaluation files that visited websites send to their own device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet), where they are then stored. The cookies are saved in a browser directory. At each visit of the website in question after this occurs, the browsers sends again new cookies to the same website, in the way that the device is recognized from the last visit, thus improving the usage experience of the user each successive time they visit the site.

To know more about cookies and their function, consult the website or

Which types of cookies exist?

Cookies are normally classified in the following categories:

1st-party cookies: these are cookies set up by the website the user is visiting, for example, those set up by Balzer if one visits its website.

3rd-party cookies: these are cookies set up by a website of a different domain visited by the user.

Session cookies: these are only active during a browser session. They allow for the connection of all the activities carried out by the user during a browser session. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is later closed.

Permanent cookies: remain on the PC even after the end of the browser session. They are reactivated every successive time the site from where they come is visited and remain for a prolonged time on the fixed disc of the device. Permanent cookies can remain on the computer for days, months, or even years.

Which specific cookies are used on the Balzer website?

Session Cookies

Cookie Name: PHPSESSID

Expiration: Browser session, up until 60 minutes.

Objective: Session cookies are used to improve our services for visitors and to facilitate navigation through our webpages. The deletion or blocking of these cookies do not jeopardize the use of the site and relative functions.

1st-party cookies

Cookie Name: displayCookieConsent

Expiration: 12 months

Objective: Used to keep track of the user consent and to not repropose the brief information on future pages or eventually the user’s second visit.

3rd-party cookies

Cookie Name: _ga

Expiration: 2 years

Objective: Google Analytics cookie used to distinguish users

Cookie Name: _gat

Expiration: 10 minutes

Objective: Google Analytics cookie used to obtain an overview of the visitors on the mobile site.

How can I modify my cookie settings?

To this end it is necessary to deactivate or delete all cookies.

The Internet browser allows you to modify cookie settings. This can be found in the menu “Options,” “Instruments,” o “Preferences” of each browser. It is also possible to turn to the menu “Guide” of each browser. It is possible that different browsers use different mechanisms to deactivate cookies.

More information on modifying relative cookie settings is available at the following links:

Internet Explorer relative cookie settings

Firefox relative cookie settings

Chrome relative cookie settings

Safari relative cookie settings

More information on how to block or delete cookies are reported here:

For questions and/or comments, contact us.

Privacy Policy

The responsibility of Balzer in protecting personal data

To protect the security and privacy of personal data is important to Balzer, which acts in accordance with the laws effective on the protection and security of personal data. We hope that the rules written below help you to understand which kinds of data Balzer usually collects, how it uses the information, how it safeguards the information and with whom it shares the information.

Personal data

Through its websites, Balzer doesn’t collect some personal data (for example, name, address, phone number, email address), unless you consent to provide it voluntarily (for example, by means of registering on the site or a poll.) Each or every consent can be revoked at any moment. You will have the ability to exercise your rights provided by article 15 and following the EU Regulation number 2016/679.

Treatment of personal data objective

When you provide us with your personal information, we use it to respond to your question, to carry out your order, or to give you access to specific information and offers. As well as, to maintain relations with you, to contact you in concerning offers at Balzer that satisfy your needs and to understand better the needs of our clients.

If you choose to not release your personal data to support our relationships with our clientele, we respect your choice. In any case, we will not share your personal data to third parties.


Balzer will collect, use, and disseminate your personal data only for the indicated objectives, unless their dissemination:

Constitutes use of personal data for other objectives directly connected to the original motive for which the data was collected;

Is not necessary to arrange, negotiate, and carry out a contract with you;

Is requested by the law or by the competent governing or judiciary authorities;

Is necessary to bring legal action or withstand in a judiciary dispute;

Is necessary to prevent fraud, o other illegal activities, like voluntary attacks at information systems of Balzer.

Balzer will not collect in any instance “sensitive” data.

The owner of the treatment of personal data is Balzer, with headquarters at Via Portici Sentierone, 41 Bergamo (BG), Italia.

The Use or Communication of Related Data

In the use of telecommunication services that consent access to our website, technically generated data related to the type of communication (for example, IP addresses) or the use (for example, the information of the beginning, end, and duration of each access, and those related to the telecommunication services to which they are attached) could be reasonably correlated to personal data. The collection and processing of such details will happen only in necessary cases and will still be carried out in compliance according to the orders of the law.

Automatic Collection of Non-Personal Data

When you access our websites, our system automatically (also without registering) collects some information that, however, does not result in personal identification (for example, the type of internet browser and operating system used; the website domain from which you arrived on Balzer’s website; number of visitors to the site, average time spent on the site, pages visited, etc.) This data will be used by us to monitor the appeal of our sites and to improve the performance or content.

“Cookies” – Information automatically saved on your PC

When you visit our website, we could store some data on your computer in the form of “cookies” to automatically recognize your computer the next time you access our website. The cookies can be there to help in different ways, for example, allowing us to modify our website so that it answers to your interests or to save your password so that having to repeat the process every time you visit the site is avoided. If you do not desire to receive cookies, you do not have to do anything other than configure your Internet browser so that you cancel all cookies from your computer’s hard disk, you block them or you create a warning every time that one is saved.


No personal data should have to be inserted on Balzer’s website by minors without the preventive consent of their parents or guardians. Balzer encourages all parents and guardians to instruct minors on the use of the Internet in a way that is secure and responsible regarding their personal data. Balzer commits itself to not save or use some personal data knowingly collected by minors for some means, including disclosure to third parties.


To protect your personal data against, the destruction, loss or inadvertent or improper modification, and against unauthorized access or disclosure, Balzer has planned technical and organized security measures.

Links to other websites

On Balzer web pages one can find hyperlinked attachments with other websites, suggested to provide a better service to our users. Balzer is not in any way responsible for the website content to which users could eventually have access to through the site. The existence of a hyperlink to another site does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility on Balzer’s part regarding the content on the new site being accessed, also in relation to policies adopted for the treatment of personal data, as well as their use.

Questions and comments

Balzer tasks itself to respond to any request related to given rights by Art. 15 and following the EU Regulation n. 2016/679. If you have questions or comments to submit regarding the rules of personal data protection at Balzer (for example, to review and update your personal data), click here.

Balzer commits itself to insert in this page, in as little time as possible, every change to the rules of personal data protection at Balzer, when they have been modified.