Bubbles and Flavors: Awaiting the Franciacorta Festival | Third Edition


Returning to Bergamo is the third edition of Bubbles & Flavors – Awaiting the Franciacorta Festival

At the center of the open dining space of Piazzetta Piave, 7 restaurateurs and producers of excellence from Bergamo, along with 15 winemakers from Franciacorta, await to delight you with a unique and special evening.

The event, organized with full respect to the rules due to Covid-19, is a tasting service at the tables of authored plates typical of Bergamo matched with the excellent wines of Franciacorta.

This food and wine celebration sets off and anticipates the union of Bergamo and Brescia as Cultural Capitals of 2023.

During the evening, the wine experts and restaurateurs involved will tell the tables the history and unique qualities of the wines and plate pairings, all accompanied by pleasant background music.

This event is the emblem of food and wine excellence, of tradition and of solidarity: part of the proceeds will go to Cesvi Onlus – a non-profit organization, with a branch in Bergamo for the last 35 years, committing itself to confront the worst humanitarian emergencies, as well as being the ultimate protagonist for the territory of Bergamo in these months of the pandemic.

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